Equipment Lifecyle & Availability


This is a BETA release of the Web App.
Availability of Items is based on Manufacturers' info. and industry experience. We are in the early stages of developing this mobile/web App and continue to add equipment to the database - so if you don't find what you're looking for check back soon .

Please provide us with your feedback regarding this BETA release / or contact us if you have questions regarding upgrade options -

  • DIY Solutions Image
    Do It Yourself (DIY)
    Start simple with our FREE mobile/web App.
    to lookup the status & availability of your equipment
  • Assessment Reports Image
    Assessment Reports
    Send us your equip info. and we'll analyze it and create a detailed Assessment Report with recommendations
  • Cost Estimates image
    Cost Estimates
    We can provide Cost Estimates for recommended upgrades, including equipment & implementation costs
  • On-site assessments image
    On-site Assessments On-site assessments include an evaluation of equipment condition, availabilty & prioritization of critical systems
  • Inventory analysis image
    Inventory Analysis Assessment of storeroom inventory, comparing current spares inventory to installed equipment & identification of gaps
  • Backup Systems image
    System Backups We can provide backups of your system configuration files (for PLCs, SCADA Sys.s, Drives, etc.) with secure 24x7 online access (coming soon...)

Reduce Risk
Improve Level of Service
Reduce Equip. Downtime
ID Consequence of Failure
Identify Critical Systems
Identify Legacy Equipment
Evaluate Equip. Condition
Prioritized Upgrade Plan
Recommended Equipment
Equipment Costs
Implementation Costs
Minimize Lifecyle Costs
Upgrade Justifications
Complete Equip. Inventory
Identify Needed Spares

The Detailed System Assessment provides you with a detailed and prioritized upgrade plan, that ensures that your most critical systems are addressed first. It helps to reduce risks associated with unplanned downtime, especially as it relates to legacy/obsolete equipment, for which parts and support are no longer available.

If you don't have the necessary spare parts for legacy systems, you run the possibilty of incurring significant unplanned downtime when a legacy system fails, likely resulting in significant losses.

Don't get caught with your pants down - order a Detailed System Assessment today, so we can help you properly plan and budget for the necessary upgardes.

Request for an Assessment Plan

System Assessments
Use ASE's FREE SmartInventory Mobile/Web App provides access to a large database of equipment - allowing you to lookup individual parts one at a time. This provides you with a quick way to easily lookup the status and availability of key components.

Get started with the FREE base subscription & Mobile/Web App. - no software to download or update, it works with any browser on any device, from anywhere. See below for additional services that are available, if needed.
Start with the Base Subscription & FREE Mobile/Web App. Then add additional features & services, only if needed. See bullet items below for information regarding additional plans & services that include access to more detailed equipment information, upgrade recommendations, replacement costs, implementation costs, and detailed reports.
Upload your equipment information and we'll run an evaluation for you, providing a detailed report identifying the status and availabilty of your equipment. We'll provide you with available upgrade recommendations for legacy equipment, based on manufacturer recommendations and industry expeirience. We'll also provide you with estimated costs for the replacment equipment.
If needed, we can provide detailed cost opinions for the upgrades, including estimated engineering, construction, and system implementation costs - so you can budget accordingly for necessary upgrades.
We can provide comprehensive on-site assessments. These assessments include an evaluation of equipment condition, availabilty, identification of critical processes and equipment, and can include regulatory considerations.

The evaluations result in a detailed Asset Assessment Report with prioritized upgrades, based on criticality, condition, and regulatory considerations - providing you with a detailed migration plan and the justification needed to get the upgrades approved.
We can extend the assessments to include your storeroom inventory, to compare your current spares inventory to your installed equipment base and identify difficiencies - to make sure you have the required spares on hand to keep your process running, increasing system uptime.
Coming soon... - Once we have your full inventory, we can provide you with instant notifications as the status and availability of existing equipment changes. For instance, when a manufacturer changes the status of their equipment to Nearing End Of Life or to Legacy/Obsolete - you will get notified instantly, so you can plan accordingly.

System Assessment Summary
Detailed System Assessments & Recommendations can be provided for your specific application. The assessments can include:
  • A Detailed Assessment & Recommendations Report
  • Equipment availability & obsolescense identification
  • Equipment condition
  • Upgrades prioritized based on the criticality of systems and consequences of failure
  • Recommended replacement products for legacy items
  • Product costs
  • Total estimated implementation costs for upgrades
  • Instant notifications as items availability change status in the future (e.g. change to "Nearing End" or "Legacy Product"), etc.
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned downtime
  • Use the report as justification to management for required upgrades

Request a Detailed System Assessment & significantly reduce your risk and increase your uptime!